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Sales Anyway, Anywhere

Pointless POS is a modern platform that can be hosted privately or on the cloud. It integrates with Mobile Devices, Windows, Android and works from Web Browsers.

Run all orders through one point of sale. Equip your business with a platform that keeps your staff, back of house, inventory, warehouse, and management in sync.


Retail Info


Retail. Inventory Tracking. Warehousing and Distribution. Find out more…

Customer Impact - Primary Features

Customer Impact - Primary Features

This area focus’s on your customer’s experience.

Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Provide custom content live from your system for TV Menu’s, and Customer Displays.

Food Service Info


Dining. Quick Service. TV Menus. Kitchen Prep Screens. Portion control. Find out more…

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Order anywhere. Customers may order from home, their car, your store or restaurant.



METRC, Scales, Labels, Inventory Control, Express Online Orders, TV Menus, Loyalty And Discount Programs…

Safe And Secure

Safe And Secure

SSL. Secure Servers. Self Hosted or Managed Hosting.

We value your Privacy and Security

Because of the variety of security concerns, one of our first instincts was to provide a solution that would be suitable for both large businesses that need to host their product on their own, for small businesses that needed our assistance hosting, and for medium sized businesses that desired a flexible choice.

What are your Pointless Questions?

We love to hear from you! We work closely with our customers. We design with their convenience and success in mind.

By bringing features of many business types together, we can more adeptly help you.

We want you to be successful, and we believe our software will assist with that. Get in touch with us via chat, phone or email and we can start answering your Pointless Questions today!


Featured Case Studies

Why do we have the features we do? Because of customers like you. These case studies describe how we develop our apps to meet your requirements.

Juice Bar - Simple Service or Simple Delivery?

As a small business you might see your operation as a simple process. But when you get down to features, you want all the options, but still make it easy for themselves and staff. How we do that for you.

QR Payments - Pay at Table

Why not give the payments over to your customers? Let them split the check, make the payments and tip your server with ease.

Bar Orders - Payment Updates

Your bar has continuous delivery of drinks to the same order. See how we assist you with payments and payment updates to those orders. Swipe once, update as needed.

Leading Features for Service

Pointless is designed around providing the most modern features. You don’t need a bunch of add on modules, or extra paid services. While some platforms are simply a store to add modules, we are a fully featured platform.

  • QR Payments
  • In Restaurant Mobile Splits by Customers
  • Easy Mobile ordering – straight to your POS