Subscription Plans

We look forward to working with you. For hosted plans, where we host your site, provisioning your solution may take a few hours. We may have to confirm your domain, and establish SSL configuration. If you have a list of requirements, please provide ahead of time. We provision during 9-5 PM U.S. Pacific Coast. If you have any questions about the subscription, please contact us ahead of time.

Professional Subscriptions are for our installed apps, both android and windows.
If you have one Android Tablet for Point of Sale, then you can also use our base 55/monthly to install one Windows Application for administration.

Web Plan:

  • Browser based access. Browser access does not include all functionality of the installed apps, since browsers are limited in functionality. If you have any questions, please let us know ahead of time so we can cover your requirements.
  • QR Payments.

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  • All of our integration features that work with METRC

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Integration with third party apps and APIs may require an account with that API or app. These third party apps may require support from the said party. We do not necessarily offer all functionality of those API’s; or direct support of all APi’s or Apps.

If you were looking for specific integration that you do not see, please let us know.

We integrate with a number of other free third party api’s, like labelary. These api’s not critical to the functionality of the app, so we do not guarantee they are available 24/7; as they are provided for free from a third party. If you face any difficult with these free third party apps, please feel free to contact us, as it’s in our best interest to help support them, but their uptime is not guaranteed.

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