Payment Processing for all your needs.

Cash, Multiple Currency
Credit / Debit / EMV / NFC / Apple Pay


Flexible Choice in Processors

Nothing impacts you more than feeling like you aren’t getting the money paid to your account you have earned. So we provide multiple payment platforms so you can negotiate the best rates for your business.

Device Friendly

Many of our devices work with both Windows and Android. This allows you to be more flexible with your payment options. We can use devices like ID Tech with Bluetooth for Android. Or IP Based Devices, that can work on any device.

 Older systems that use Desktop Netepay also work!


You may use multiple platforms together. For example stripe for alternative payments, as a backup or online sales.

By integrating with Multiple gateways, including Datacap, we ensure we can support most platforms.


Primary Features

Our goal is to help process any kind of payment. Your customer should have no barrier to buy your products.

Processing can happen anywhere: the Register, a Table side Server Tablet, the Customer can complete the payment over their phone. Or even a group of customers can pay for an order from their mobile devices. Your your customer can shop from home on their phone or laptop, or while they are on the go.

We are beyond Point of Sale.

Standard Payments

Sales, tips, refunds, pre-auth, post-auth.

QR Payments.

Mobile Payments.

Strong Security

The platforms we work with provide their own set of validation requirements. So when we use something like Cardpointe, or FSIS, we are using their backbone for security.

Uniform Delivery

Each device can handle multiple payment methods. In order to work with so many platforms, we have different settings, but the interfaces remain nearly the same.

Easy Integriation

Ease of implementation means we don’t have to do much support, and the system works well for you. Its vital we don’t need to do much assistance for your account.