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Designed with innovation, attention to detail, experience, field research and dedication to the industry.
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Built for Cannabis from grow to sale.

Our mission is to be the best in helping you manage the operations of your cannabis business:

We work with you and communicate with you and your staff to ensure success.
We pool our knowledge to improve our applications. Our software doesn’t stand still, it enjoys continuous upgrades.

Provide integration with METRC

Import packages. Create Labels. Submit Sales. Reduce +/- sales with serialized labels.

Connect with API's that you need to work with.

Twilio. Payment Processors. Email. Sales & Analysis Systems.

Multi Store Management

We can help your stores talk to each other, and distribute products and inventory information between them.


Work with a variety of hardware devices like scales, scanners, id readers, label printers, and more

Mobile Orders & Loyalty & Gift Cards

Don’t pay extra fees to other companies. Allow your customers to order from their phone; and it’s all part of Pointless. Also we have loads of rewards programs and gift card solutions without fees!

Feature Catalog

Point of Sale

 Feature catalog for Cannabis Point of Sale

Mobile Ordering

Seamless integration. Your app works in the customer experience mode.


Hosting Options,  API Connections, Translations, Business Operations, Integrations

Menu Boards

Provide custom content live from your system for TV Menu’s, and Customer Displays.


If in the US, integrate with METRC.

Pointless is designed to work with Windows & Android. This means you aren’t locked into specific equipment.
So while you may bring your equipment to the table, we can provide some recommendations and provide you a full product suite of solutions.

Featured Products

Large Format Android POS-X 15.6 Wide Screen

Hi Performance. Clean Lines.
POS-X solutions will work successfully in any environment.

Dejavoo Handheld

  • 5″ HD display
  • EMV Contactless, chip & PIN/chip & sign or swipe
  • Lightweight, easy to operate single-handed

Pioneer T3 Android

WiFi & Bluetooth. Works as a handheld, countertop, or wall mount options. Has multiple connectivity for integrated devices.

Pioneer Wide Screen

All In One Point of Sale Computer

Pioneer Solution

Ultra-thin All in One Unit – Commercial Grade.

  • Commercial-grade 15.6″ all-in-one

We value your Privacy and Security

Because of the variety of security concerns, one of our first instincts was to provide a solution that would be suitable for both large businesses that need to host their product on their own, for small businesses that needed our assistance hosting, and for medium sized businesses that desired a flexible choice.