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Setting up a chat feature is easy.

Do you want to ensure your customers online can speak with someone?

By including a chat app in your plan, you can install the chat app on your phone, and speak with your customers when they need to reach out to you.

Addded value to your site and users

Live chat is a great way to provide instant support to your customers. In a recent survey, consumers said live-chat was their preferred support method.

Whether it’s used as part of the sales process or as a customer service tool, live chat tools can help customers get answers quickly and easily.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. For customers, live chat is often more convenient and less stressful. It allows them to interact with someone who understands what they’re talking about. And because it’s easy to interrupt a session and come back later with the information they need, it’s also a great way to resolve issues.

2. Live chat software is a powerful marketing tool. With live chat, you can build trust with your audience and increase conversions. You can create a personal connection with your customers and make them feel valued.

3. You can also collect valuable data about how people behave on your website. Understanding these patterns can improve your site design and user experience.

Stay Connected

With the chat app, you can stay connected. You can install it on your computer and your phone.

You can set your chat features for business hours, and chat messages can go into a queue.

You can transfer chats from one user to another.

Beyond the chat, you can use the voice feature with the chat app, and it can even connect to apps like WhatsApp.