Pioneer T3Plus Commercial Grade

The T3 Plus is a hybrid mPOS tablet that runs Android or Windows 10. It has a 10.1” display size and boosts its performance with more memory and storage space, plus a faster WiFi at 5GHz

Dejavoo - Mobile Solution

Handle order taking for the convenience of your customers and staff.


T2 – 15.6″ Wide screen Monitor. The largest android screen we provide. Clean lines, performant and durable. An excellent choice any day of the week.


13.3″ Wide Screen Android (LAN, WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth) make it also a powerful tool to upgrade your business into the revolutionary O2O(online to offline) level.

Download on your Tablet

Download the software here and try on your own Windows Computer. Works with Windows 10 and Windows 11

Also available on Windows – Try it on your tablet.