About Pointless POS

Who are we? We been developing Point of Sale since 2004. Since then we have been operated in restaurants, liquor, Cannabis (since 2008), resale clothing, retail, grocery, self serve frozen yogurt and the list goes on.

Why are we Pointless? It’s Pointless POS because we are not defined by single or multiple points of sale. Pointless POS is founded on 3 principles, services any where, services any way, and you keep your data under your control.

We operate in many industries, within Retail and Food services; we operate regulated services like Marijuana and Liquor, food services like Grocery, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt, and table service restaurants. We also work with hardware stores, and resale companies like Re Sale clothing.

We have a few simple goals

  • Services anywhere, for customers and companies. Customers should be able to order from in-store on their phones, or tablets. Staff should be able to function in-store and out of the store.
  • Flexibility – Features and Services should meet the needs of the business, not the limits of the software. You should know where we are leading as a software developer, we provide a transparent timeline for the future.
  • Data Security and Services: Your business privacy is front and center. While you can host in the cloud, you can also host privately. The data and security of your data are paramount